Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Holy Communion Keepsake Box

Well, it has been more than two months since my last post. It's not that I haven't been doing anything. There were dining room curtains and a slip cover for our sofa. But the biggest thing and maybe the insanest thing I've ever done has just been completed. Now, I must let go of it in order to raise funds for our school's Education Foundation. I'm not complaining, but giving this baby up is hard. It's so very sweet. The second grade teachers at St. Anthony of Padua school let me come into their class room to have their student's draw pictures of what their First Communion means to them. The drawings were transferred to fabric, embroidered and then adhered to a box.

I was so touched as I stitched -- it's no wonder Jesus says to let the little children come to him -- some of these drawings just melted my heart. I was also so stressed as I progress through this project (the time frame for this was about three weeks). Thankfully, the Lord heard my distress call -- and so did my stitching buddy, Carol Ann -- she did two of the side panels. Thanks Carol -- I don't know what I'd have done without you. She even happily complied when I told her she had to say a prayer for each child as she stitched. Anyway, here are some pictures of this keepsake box.

This is the top

The top again -- but further away

It's difficult to see all of the detail in these pictures. One of the children drew Jesus on the cross with a tear on his face. Another child drew Jesus on the cross from the back -- Jesus is looking down at the child and smiling.

A side panel

. . . and another

Happy faces, crosses, chalices, alters

One that really evokes a smile -- Calvary Hill with Our God is an Awesome God in the center and a very cute kitty climbing up the side.

Amy Slocum, Cindy Woodworth and Amy Zainea are also working on this auction basket (or box) -- it will be filled with a plethora of goodies for a child's first communion celebration. I hope it's a big success -- it has already been a blessing.

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  1. Lisa, this is so sweet. What a wonderful idea. I know it will be a success. Love, Sister Shirl