Thursday, July 30, 2009


Would you look at that. My friend Carol Ann has the most amazing hydrangea bush. The blue is other worldly. She says her secret is coffee grounds and MirAcid. My yard is only two houses away and my hydrangea is pink. Carol Ann was sweet enough to give me two huge blossoms from this lovely plant. Thanks, Carol Ann, for the beauty that you added to our home.

For Mom

This little blog is dedicated to the memory of my mother. Mom, who was Josephine, was a homemaker, a devout Christian, and one heck of a cook. She passed away 8 years ago. She is deeply missed by all of Josephines' girls (there are three of us).

I was close to my mom. I remember thinking that she was cool. She had style in the way she dressed and carried herself. She was quiet and kind. She practiced the art of dirty look parenting to the point of perfection. Mom rarely raised her voice, but a certain expression from those baby blue eyes would surely cause a child to take notice. Being a parent now, causes me to have great admiration for this quality.

Mom loved pretty things. She always seemed to know when to stop decorating a room and accessorizing an outfit. She truly had a pleasant style.

After eight years, my memory of her is fading, but certain things truly remind me of her. The good thing about eight years is that you're far enough away not to burst into tears at the loss of someone you loved so much and there's a lot of happiness to remember. So what you'll see here are fun things -- the good little things in life that make everyday a special gift. Here's to seeing the world in a good way -- it's good to be one of Josephines' Girls