Thursday, August 6, 2009

Headed to Portage

My childhood was spent in Portage, Indiana. Indiana is a beautiful state -- it truly doesn't get the credit it's due among the fifty. One of Indiana's richest natural resources is Lake Michigan.

We are headed to Portage today. The National Park Service has completed a beach in Portage in the past year. It's truly pretty.

This is the beach house. It doesn't look quite like it belongs in Portage. Portage is at the very southern tip of Lake Michigan and is the humble cousin of the other cities in Porter County. Valparaiso is a high-brow college town, and Chesterton is quaint and darling, but Portage is just simple hard-working Portage. This beach house gives the little town on the lake some well-deserved panache.

It was sunset when we visited which is why my shadow is in the lower right of the photo. Isn't this beach house sweet. What you don't see is the outdoor fireplace on the patio -- nice touch.

Here are some images of the sunset. It was beautiful . . .

I'm looking forward to visiting Portage.

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